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When recording everything matters, especially the rooms.


This is "Studio A" or the "big room" as we call it.

It's a live room with high ceiling and windows to the outside world.

There is also windows that connects this room with "Studio B", the control room and the singing booth. Making eye contact while recording all parts isolated.

This room is perfect for recording drums, the high ceiling and long characteristics of the room makes the drums sound really big.

The room is also ideal for assembles, record a whole band live or just set up mics for a vocal assemble. 


This is "Studio B", a smaller live room with a different sound than "Studio A".

This room offers a "tighter" and more "punchy" sound. Making it perfect for recording guitar cabs, vocals or even drums.

This room is also connected with the vocal booth and the control room though big windows so making eye contact is no problem.

The Vocal Booth

The singing booth or the vocal booth, this room have many names.

This room is crucial and one of the most important spaces in the studio, it has to make the singer comfortably and help the artists bring out the best takes.

We have thought very hard of this and came up with a perfect design, the room itself sounds amazing, tight while also sounding suprisingly big. We have a dimmed led light system behind the acoustics that you can change to your preferred color making long sessions easy setting a calming color like green.

Control Room

The control room, it has been growing in size over the years, today this is the most crowded room during recording.

You can have your guitar amp head in here and the cab in one of the other studio rooms and record. Making it easy to nail that perfect tone.

We also equipped the room with chairs in the back, similar to the chairs found in an cinema, on a step so other muscisians can observe and just listen in while the magic is being recorded.

The room also has big windows to the outside world and all the other rooms.



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